Vertigo officially announced on Saturday several new and returning projects at the DC imprint's panel at the New York Comic Con. Highlights included a second Cinderella miniseries in the "Fables" setting, more details on celebrity chef and food writer Anthony Bourdain's first venture into comics, and a Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly creating a sequel to their well received Minx book, "New York Four" for Vertigo.

Writer Chris Roberson and artist Shawn McManus will once again depict the adventures of the super-spy of Bill Willingham's "Fables" with "Cinderella: Fables are Forever," a follow-up to the pair's earlier "Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love." With the fate of the world at stake and an old enemy to deal with, Cinderella's latest mission begins in February 2011.

Anthony Bourdain's rumored Vertigo project was confirmed and explained in greater detail. Chef Bourdain, host of the television series "No Reservations" and writer of "Kitchen Confidential" and other books and essays, will be writing "Get Jiro!" Joel Rose wit art by Langdon Foss. Rose's credits include the novels "The Blackest Bird" and "Kill Kill Faster Faster," and he also worked on several graphic novels for DC's Paradox Press in the 1990s. Foss has done previous work for "Heavy Metal" and DC. "Get Jiro!" is described as an action thriller set in a future where master chefs gain power from the secrets behind exquisite food recipes. The story follows Jiro, a sushi chef placed in the center of the fight for that power. The original graphic novel sounds quirky enough to be a fun story but we'll have to wait until the Spring of 2012 to see how Bourdain's venture into fiction and comics turns out. If nothing else, there will probably be a lot of amusing swearing.

Writer Brian Wood and artist Ryan Kelly will return to the characters and setting they created for "The New York Four," a story of four NYU freshmen created for the short lived Minx line, which published young adult books targeted at young girls. "The New York Five" will be a four-issue series published by Vertigo that follows Riley, Lona, Melissa and Ren in the second semester of their freshmen year. They'll be joined by an as yet unrevealed fifth protagonist when the first issue comes out in January of next year.

In an exciting bit of news for longtime Vertigo fans, Jill Thompson is working on a follow-up to her "Little Endless Storybook" with "Delirium's Party," which is expected in March of 2011. There will be more Sandman-related material, this time courtesy of Leslie Klinger. The writer is known for his "The Annotated Sherlock Holmes" and "The Annotated Dracula," and will be writing a full annotation of Neil Gaiman's landmark "The Sandman." Klinger will be working with Gaiman on a four-volume series of annotations. Vertigo also teased a reunion of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso of "100 Bullets," who'll be bringing a new project to the imprint in 2011.

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