October 31 may still be more than a month away, but judging from the candy clogging grocery stores since August, the season is ripe for discussion.

With that, presumably, in mind Vertigo's Graphic Content blog has some spooky memories from the teams behind the upcoming "House of Mystery Halloween Annual," which contains short stories from "Hellblazer," "Madame Xanadu," and Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's "I, Zombie."

There's plenty of spookiness to be found, but the funniest tale comes from Giuseppe Camuncoli, who illustrates the book's "Hellblazer" tale:

"I have no eerie story, but if you allow me, I can tell you this: I met my wife at Halloween (which makes it very easy for me to remember the day we met!). It was at Lucca, in Italy, during the annual Comic Convention. I met Jessica in the evening, through common friends, and we really couldn't wait until dinner was done to kiss each other, when she invited me over the counter, to have a couple of drinks on our own, in a more intimate corner. That was an unforgettable moment for us. Oh, wait, now I remember an eerie detail: The day after we met, at night, we were making out in my car, and at some point we heard some noise, and there was a bunch of cosplayers from the Comic Convention passing on the street: an elf, an ogre, a magician-Now, that was creepy!!"

The upcoming issue is slated to include more mirth from its contributors when it hits stands Oct. 14.

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