Vertigo released this week the Paul Pope-illustrated cover of Strange Adventures #1, the mature readers revival of DC Comics' venerable science fiction anthology. A one-shot going on sale later this year, Strange Adventures #1 features a who's who of Vertigo creators both new and old. Most auspiciously, the issue comes with the first chapter of Spaceman, the much anticipated new project by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, the Eisner-winning creative team of 100 Bullets.

Check out Pope's Strange Adventures cover and the full creative team breakdown after the jump.Launched in 1950, Strange Adventures has been home to countless DC Comics short stories that are indeed strange but also quite cool. The title has a habit of birthing memorable characters like Deadman, Animal Man and Captain Comet, the latter of whom starred in a recent, well-received revival of the title written by Jim Starlin.

Vertigo's Strange Adventures includes contributions by Scott Snyder, Peter Milligan, Ross Campbell, Paul Cornell, Denys Cowan and Jeff Lemire, the latter of whom will lend his idiosyncratic style to DC's Ultra the Multi-Alien, who was recently characterized somewhat unfairly by comedian Conan O'Brien as "a f*cking mess." If anyone can turn that rep around, it's Essex County creator Lemire. You can see some of his artwork for the book in our previous coverage.

"All The Pretty Ponies"

Writer Lauren Beukes

Artist Inaki Miranda

"The White Room"

Writer Talia Hershewe

Artist Juan Bobillo

"Case 21"

Writer Selwyn Hinds

Artist Denys Cowan

"Postmodern Prometheus"

Writer and Artist Kevin Colden

"Ultra The Multi-Alien"

Writer and Artist Jeff Lemire


Writer and Artist Ross Campbell


Writer Peter Milligan

Artist Sylvain Savoia

"A 'True Tale' From Saucer Country"

Writer Paul Cornell

Artist Goran Sudzuka


Writer Brian Azzarello

Artist Eduardo Risso

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