Vertigo showed a lot of support for Jeff Lemire's "Sweet Tooth" #1 back in September by giving it a 99 cent introductory price tag, but it's going even further to promote the May release of "Sweet Tooth Vol. 1: Out of the Woods," by making the series' first issue available as a free downloadable .PDF.

"Out of the Woods" features the first five issues of "Sweet Tooth" in softcover form for $9.99, a pretty competitive price considering single issues (with the exception of #1) retailed for $2.99, meaning trade waiters essentially save the full cost of one issue.

Yeah, yeah, trade waiting isn't always conducive to a series staying on the stands since the books need monthly sales to stay afloat, I'm just saying those who haven't checked out the book yet could really benefit from not only the free issue #1 download, but also the affordable cost of the TPB.

Personally I can't go very long between "Sweet Tooth" fixes, meaning the title remains on my pull month in and moth out. It's just how I roll when it comes to post-apocalyptic scenarios full of mutant animal children.

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