Not content with ruling the world via cuddly toys, action figures, clothes and other assorted merchandise, now the pop-culture phenomenon known as Uglydolls is coming to comics in a new series of graphic novels from Viz Media.

Viz officially announced the partnership with Uglydoll owners Pretty Ugly yesterday (following a pre-announcement at New York Comic Con), promising "a brand new series of original graphic novels based on the best-selling plush character toys" that would debut next summer through its VIZ Kids imprint. Describing Uglydolls as "an iconic pop culture brand that has helped to question and redefine the very definitions of ugly and cute," Viz Senior Editorial Director Beth Kawasaki said that the new books will feature "a series of fun, and funny, adventures [that] are sure to find their way into the hearts of readers everywhere."

Although the official announcement didn't name either the initial release or any creators attached to the property, the image that accompanied the news seemingly trailed a book called Goin' Places! with a creator list including "Horvath, Kim, Nichols, Jacobson, McGinty, Kelly, Kochalka [and] Siebold." From NYCC, that list can be translated into: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, creators of Uglydolls, with Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Mike Kelly, James Kochalka and the amazing J. Otto Siebold (Your guess is as good as mine for "Jacobsen," although Philip C. Jackson was reported as being involved at NYCC).



Goin' Places! will be released in July 2013.

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