Premiering June 16 is Voltron Force, the new animated series based on the 1980s classic Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon. In support of the show, Nicktoons has launched a new website loaded with imagery and information about Voltron Force, including the show's theme song by Swizz Beatz. You can check out that material after the jump.While images released back in March suggested a sleek and modern take on the original material, much like what we've seen of the new ThunderCats show, the art and music we discovered on the Voltron Force website reflect a an animated series that appears explicitly designed with a very young audience in mind (not that there's anything wrong with kids' entertainment, but we're all just so horribly, horribly old). The 26-episode series will star the original Voltron characters in addition to some new cadets who help defend the universe from a new threat.

You can check out the Swizz Beatz theme song in the following promotional video, which also contains some glimpses of the Voltron lions in action. We apologize profusely for the genuinely nauseating commercial that will precede the clip. Also, sorry about the song.