Walking Dead fans have waited upwards of three weeks for news of Steven Yeun’s Glenn after the mysterious conclusion of October’s “Thank You,” while Sunday’s “Always Accountable” ended on a mysterious voice that has many debating its significance. Now,  Norman Reedus seemingly confirms the voice seeking “help” wasn’t Glenn, but do we believe him?

Be warned of minor Season 6 spoilers from here on out, but whatever believers suggest Steven Yeun’s Glenn confirmed his survival with a walkie-talkied “help” in the final moments of Sunday’s “Always Accountable,” Norman Reedus doesn’t want to make it that easy. As the other end of said radio conversation trying to decipher the static, Reedus, assured Entertainment Weekly (among others) that the “help” voice didn’t belong to Glenn:

I will say that voice is not Glenn […] It’s not Glenn. But it’s probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that’s happening there.

That said, Reedus at least offered that we’d learn the voice’s source relatively quickly, while showrunner Scott Gimple previously suggested that Glenn’s fate would emerge before the midseason finale, ostensibly the next two episodes. Reedus wouldn’t be the first actor to openly mislead reporters in preservation of major spoilers, especially in light of overwhelming evidence, but who might the “help” voice really belong to? Might someone else have simply borrowed Glenn’s walkie-talkie, to justify Reedus’ apparent misdirect?

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