Prepare to fall (with style) in love with an awesome custom figure. An enterprising fan has retooled Hasbro's 6" War Machine from Iron Man Armored Avenger Legends Series line to Star Command specifications. But just what do you call a fusion of Pixar's Buzz Lightyear and Marvel's War Machine? War Lightyear? Buzz Machine? Get a closer look at the full-sized custom after the jump as you ponder this quandary.

Though this custom figure lacks a few signature elements of Buzz's Star Command suit, it's pretty plain to see that this amalgam won't be needing wings or a glass dome for his missions. This custom's paint job alone is commendable, but here's hoping the customizer will get to work on a version with a working red LED laser.

Sadly, much the way Pixar won't be working on Marvel films, anything approaching an official version of this toy will likely never come to be as Hasbro holds the Marvel action figure license and Mattel holds the majority of Toy Story scales (although several companies have toys featured throughout the TS film trilogy and produce TS-related toys).

For now we can all still enjoy a better world, where Buzz and Rhodey are one.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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