This week on War Rocket Ajax, we're joined by Jonathan Hickman! As the incoming writer of Avengers, he has a lot to talk about, but what we really want to hear is his experience at last week's MorrisonCon, a convention that was an entirely different experience than anything else he's been to -- and you can listen to the whole show right here on ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #132: Dirty South Avengers with Jonathan Hickman

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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In this week's show, Chris and Matt do something they almost never do: Complain about video games! Wait, what's that? Oh, we do that in every show? Well then. Deal with it anyway.

Once Hickman joins us, we find out what set MorrisonCon apart from every other show:

It was hands down the coolest show that I've ever been to in the states. It really was. I wasn't surprised that it was entertaining and fun, because I've never met Grant before. I've never gotten to talk to Frank Quitely before, I always love hanging out with Jason Aaron. We got to have dinner and stuff like that. All of that I was already excited about, but the general vibe there was unbelievably cool. Everyone was having a good time, it was very informal, and there were really only three places to congregate: The hall where we were having the panels, the signing room, and the drinking area with the art set up.

I did a writers panel, and Jason Aaron and I had a... like a "Science/Religion Conversation" panel, which basically turned into people asking us questions about everything. We basically said no holds barred. Then I did a business panel on Sunday, because at every con, there's people trying to break into the business, and there's a lot of mistakes people make either in understanding the market or understanding different companies and how the money breaks down when you make a comic. That went fairly well.

The rest of the time, I'd either be at dinner, or I'd take breaks and go out, but when I wasn't I was in the signing area or drinking with all the fans.

We also talk about Hickman's upcoming run on Avengers, his attitude towards double-shipping, and how he keeps up the the grueling pace of writing 3 Avengers books every month!

Show Notes:

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