This week on War Rocket Ajax, it's our first regular show of the new year! We've got resolutions and checks and recs, but most of all, we have Sam Humphries, who joins us to talk about his upcoming run on Uncanny X-Force and his love of Storm's Mohawk. Listen to the whole show, and catch up on notes, right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #142: You Can't Stop L-I-V-I-N with Sam Humphries

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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In this week's show, a conversation about New Year's Resolutions turns into an extended discussion of soda and other beverages, because I guess that's what our show is about now? We're back to form soon enough, though, as Chris explains his extensive fantasy booking in WWE '13 (as sad as it sounds) and Matt finally upgrades Dishonored to official War Rocket Ajax "Rec" status.

When Sam joins us, the talk turns to many things, most notably Storm:

I'm super psyched about bringing the mohawk back on Storm. It's one of my favorite looks. I love it because it's kind of a harbinger of the really weird s**t to come in Chris Claremont's X-Men run. There's that initial phase where the books are super great, super intense superhero soap operas, and then there's kind of this shift right around the time of Fall of the Mutants, where they go through the Siege Perilous and Wolverine almost dies a million times, there's all this mix-up of identities, they put Psylocke into some Asian woman's body, Inferno, clones, all that stuff. I love the mohawk as Chris Claremont testing the waters.

When the mohawk came around the first time, it was like an external representation of the turmoil going on inside Storm. That was a real turning point for her as a character, it wasn't just about the fashion statement. Now, fast forward to today, Storm has just been unceremoniously dumped by the Black Panther, she's no longer a queen, no longer a wife, the future she thought she had has been ripped out from under her, her mentor-slash-father figure is dead, the school is gone that was pretty much her home, so the return of the mohawk is really another signifier of things that are going on with the character.

The other reason I wanted to bring it back is that it f**kin' looks badass.

Plus, an all-new Khouri Story for fans of ComicsAlliance editor Andy Khouri!

Show Notes:

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FYeahMohawkStorm will bring you as much (more?) Mohawk Storm than you are prepared to deal with.

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Comics Reviewed:

Batman Inc #6: "It's Batman going through a building full of deathtraps while having a lover's spat with Talia. As someone who fairly recently wrote a comic where a dude goes through a building full of deathtraps with the person who is kind of in love with him yelling at him the whole time over speakers, I was really into this issue."

Avengers Arena #3: "Maybe it's just a Marvel Universe thing with me, but I feel like in a lot of comics, characters who die are so much easier to bring back than characters who get canceled. If Darkhawk dies in this issue, I know we're going to see Darkhawk again at some point. I don't know if we're ever going to see Amadeus Cho again." "I thought the first issue reveled in the luridness a little too much, but this issue doesn't do that. It's more Hunger Games -- even more than the first one. I think what sinks this book for me the most is the constant questino of who's going to die next."

Punisher War Zone #3: "If you want to read a comic where Thor and the Punisher split a six-pack and have a conversation about life, this is the comic to read."

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