This week on ComicsAlliance's War Rocket Ajax podcast, Chris is off in sunny San Diego covering Comic-Con, so Matt enlists the return of the show's original co-host, Eugene Ahn, a.k.a. Adam Warrock!

The nerdcore rapper steps back into his old shoes for a very music-heavy episode to talk about festivals, conventions, and the dramatic increase of barbecue talk on the podcast he co-founded, and you can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!

War Rocket Ajax v.2, #7: That Money Is Yours with Adam Warrock

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

This week on the show, Matt and Euge discuss the trials and travails of music festivals, including a round of Hipster Risk, flip out over the reunion of Black Star, and finally reveal what they don't like about the absent Chris Sims.

In addition to providing us with the all-new theme song for the new era of Ajax and filling us in on what he's been doing since he left, Euge kills our chances of ever getting a sponsorship deal from the makers of NOS by relating his experience at Nerdapalooza:

It's like a con, but instead of endlessly wandering around a floor where you look at people's art, you just wander around and see really aggressive rap and rock music, and drink energy drinks because it's sponsored by NOS energy drink, and there's constant free NOS everywhere on ice, and you just choose to drink it because you hate yourself.

There's like, caffeine and taurine and ginseng and... it tastes good, but it makes you feel like you're going to explode.

He also explains why he was available to record the show, when the rest of the industry was goin' goin', back back to Cali Cali:

The reason that I'm not at San Diego is that this year I've been to Emerald City, C2E2, WonderCon, Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas and HeroesCon. So I don't really feel the need to go to San Diego, where I've seen everybody this year at one of those cons. But having been to those cons and tabled, and a lot of times tabling with Curt and Chris from, we've had horrible fan interactions. And I don't mean, like, violent or hostile, but just people who are like "What is this?" and we're like "Oh, we make comics, he makes music, and they're like "Oh." And they just walk away, and you're like "See you later."

So having a lot of interactions like that at comic cons, which again is not their fault, because they're there to meet, like, Frank Quitely or Matt Fraction or something like that, I get it. But when you're at a music festival and you're in that scene, you presumably know at least some of the acts there, and music is a thing where you can just stand there and experience it, and when you see the band later, you can be like "Oh, I really liked your set." It's just a nicer kind of atmosphere because you're not like "What do you do? Why are you dressed like that?"

When the show eventually gets around to comics, Euge speculates on one of our favorite targets:

What if there was a world where Christopher Nolan just, like, really fell in love with Hush when he read through old Batman, and decided to make Hush the new villain for The Dark Knight Rises? Can you imagine the collective headsplosions of the comics world, if that was announced? That Hush was going to be the villain -- the seething pool of hate that would erupt from the comics world?

Euge also explains why he's making a mixtape of raps based on Joss Whedon's Firefly:

I said it totally as a joke, and I got home and started thinking about it, and it actually makes a whole lot of sense because the whole aesthetic of Firefly is about independence. It's about doing your own thing, kind of being bandits on the run from a larger governmental force, and the whole sensibility of that fits in really well with an indie music mantra. It's so weird how it fits exactly, like when I rap about things referring to Firefly, they sound like things that any rapper would be rapping about, which is kind of hilarious.

PLUS! Euge announces his next project! Real talk about old time religion! What Matt and Euge don't like about Batman! And Chris calls in from San Diego with a tale of terror from Comic-Con's Twilight Fan Hobo Jungle!

Show Notes:

It was just announced that Adam Warrock will be an opening act on mc chris's fall tour!

Adam Warrock's Firefly-themed Browncoats Mixtape is out this fall, and just in case you missed it, his latest big release is the free, eight-song New Warriors EP!

Texas Barbecue: Threat or Menace?

Wu Tang + Fugazi = Wugazi.

Euge's Rec: Lady Gaga playing "Edge of Glory" on the Howard Stern Show. "It will make you feel emotions."

Matt's Rec: Spotify.

Comics Reviewed: Euge rallies behind Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders' Our Love Is Real, Matt praises the Hushlessness of Gates of Gotham #3, and there's a discussion of the amazing Daredevil #1!

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