The WonderCon edition of Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel began with the new theatrical trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger and the latest animated teaser for Fear Itself. Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada took the stage to welcome the San Francisco crowd and introduce the panelists: Jeph Loeb, Jason Aaron, Axel Alonso, Rick Remender and C.B. Cebulski, who elicited cheers when they announced that Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie will collaborate on Secret Avengers.

As always, Quesada announced new projects with a minimum of fuss, which left the crowd suitably eager for more, particularly the news that Warren Ellis will be the new writer of Secret Avengers. Joining the popular writer will be ComicsAlliance favorite Jamie McKelvie and "more." The run will be made up of "hyper-compressed" single-issue stories.

Also coming is Red Skull: Incarnate, a four-issue miniseries in July that ties-in to Fear Itself. Written by Greg Pak with art by Croatian artist Mirko Colak with covers by David Aja, the book will depict the Red Skull's rise to power back in the day."It's about how one becomes truly evil," said Cebulski.

We can also look forward to Hulk Vs. Dracula, a Fear Itself tie-in. Very simply, Dracula and his vampire nation go up against the Hulk. Cebulski noted that there will be a "high body count, but it doesn't matter because they're vampires." Gabriele Dell'Otto provides the cover.

Following the three announcements, Quesada turned the floor over to fans for a question-and-answer session which went a little something like this:

What's up with Runaways? Out of sight but not out of mind. The characters will appear individually in different places in the Marvel universe, but the timing has to be "just right" to reunite the team with a new book. C.B. Cebulski said that 2012 will likely be the earliest.

What's the deal with the new Marvel television shows? Marvel's new animated and live-action shows are made by Marvel, for the first time ever. The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series is created by Paul Dini, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleu and Brian Michael Bendis. The second Benids script features Nick Fury.

What's up with the Nick Spencer exclusive? Nothing will affect his Image books or other creator-owned material. Coming up is an arc of Secret Avengers before Ellis takes over. "He has a lot on his plate," Cebulski said. Alonso confirmed there is one project in particular that inspired the exclusive, but it has yet to be announced.

Will Joe Quesada return to freelancing? Maybe someday, after complete and utter Marvel world domination, he does want to go back to penciling.

What's up with Thor: The Mighty Avenger? "Very simple: just sales. You guys vote with your dollars," Quesada said.

What's up with Joe Madureira and Travis Charest and guys like that? "If they want to come back to Marvel, all they need to do is email," Cebulski said. "The door is always open."

What's up with Adam Warlock and Thanos: "Always a chance they will reappear," Alonso said. Bigger plans in 2012.

More Jason Aaron Bullseye? "Nobody said he was dead. We'll see him again," Aaron said.

What's the deal with the X-Men anthologies? Alonso said they have performed well and they will produce more.

What's up with Nightcrawler? Alonso: "Once you're dead, you're dead."

Will depowered mutants get their powers back? Alonso: "There are no plans to repower old mutants."

What's up with Cosmic Marvel? "We haven't forgotten," said Quesada.

What hooked you on comics? Joe Quesada's answer: Stan Lee on television, promoting the famous drug-abuse issue of Spider-Man that was not approved by the Comics Code Authority. "I didn't get addicted to drugs but I did get addicted to comics."


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