There's a sense of humor in Warwick Johnson Cadwell's character covers, and not just because he put Luke Skywalker in a bath with R2-D2 and Yoda. Cadwell can illustrate lush action scenes where humans and beasts navigate the hazards of the jungles, scenes bursting with intensity and drive, but he can also sketch witty reinventions of familiar characters. In his hands, the Joker takes on a new angle of creepiness thanks to the shape of his head and the placement of his hair. The Flash's abs protrude superhumanly from his lean body. Johnny Storm looks bemused by his own flames. That's before we get to Bossk and Dengar commiserating over Starbucks or Mr. T as Superman.

You can see more of Cadwell's work on his blog, where you can also see scenes from his current project, Gungle. Gungle (which can apparently be pronounced with a "g" or "j" sound) will be published by Blank Slate Books, and features some stunning imagery, not to mention a coconut robot.

And no, I'm not sure why Killer Croc is wearing a lab coat. But now I kind of want to see Batgirl battle the Lizard.