George Washington and Abraham Lincoln could have used some more colorful attire in the portraits that eventually landed them on the front of American currency. Sadly, cosplay had a long way to go when they were alive, but one brave artist risked breaking the law to deface one and five-dollar bills in the name of making these two former Presidents look like Ninja Turtles, Cobra Commander and Batman.

The Great Emancipator shows his geek solidarity by sporting a "Tron" outfit in one of his five-dollar appearances collected by Geekologie. The biggest props, however, definitely have to go out to the one-dollar "300" homage that the artist pulled off with blood-splattering success.

Click onward to the gallery and you'll find George posing confidently as the adamantium-clawed President who is the best at what he does, as well as Lincoln donning a Power Ranger mask; Red Ranger attire seems appropriate. Check them all out below, and remember: Don't try this at home, lest you be subject to appropriate legal prosecution.