They did it, guys! The Spidey Project helmer Justin Moran and his talented crew of volunteers successfully created an original Spider-Man musical from scratch with a $0 budget and opened prior to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's (already delayed) launch date of March 15. Critics who made the show's first and only live performance on March 14 at The People's Improv Theater in New York City have already ranted and raved about the wonderfully offbeat production and now you can weigh in with your own thoughts via the power of YouTube.

I really dig it, but I'm not picky. Any Spider-Man origin involving Lean Pockets is alright with me, you know?Over at the official The Spidey Project site, Moran thanked all the volunteers who made the show possible on such short notice:

"We came together about a month ago for a cause we all believe strongly in, and after weeks of getting no more than two hours of sleep a night, grabbing quick meals while walking between work and rehearsals, occasionally letting our loved-ones know we were still alive between conference calls and organization email chains, and a stomach virus that nearly DELAYED our production - we did it!"

The live videos take viewers through Spidey's tragic origin, his ascent into a loverlorn/ media-maligned superhero and his ultimate triumph pretty well visually, but here's a link to download the show's official program/lyrics to follow along with at home just in case.

Watch the entire show (in four convenient chunks) below:

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