The miniature gaming world of NECA's HeroClix is getting a major expansion this summer with 56 new sculpts and multiple redecos resulting in a 64 character swatch of "Web of Spider-Man" figures. Although the line carries the "Web of Spider-Man" banner, it's clearly not limited to Spider-Man and his core supporting cast. Iron Man, War Machine, Red Hulk, Deadpool and others are getting the HC treatment alongside an "Amazing Fantasy" #15 Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus and both Norman Osborn's Green Goblin and Iron Patriot identities. Why, it's a regular Web of Secretly Invading Sieges.

While a portion of the figs will be sold in standard packs, the AF #15 Spidey is exclusive to buyers who participate in HeroClix's Buy it by the Brick rewards program. I'd rather have a toy commemorating "Deadpool" #11 myself, but to each their own. You can check out full images of several of the newly announced HeroClix figure after the jump.