It was Hourly Comics Day earlier this week, an event launched by "Pictures for Sad Children" creator John Campbell that asks artists to draw a comic every hour they're awake during February 1st that details what happened in the last 60 minutes.

This year a lot of familiar faces from the comics and webcomics world took part, from Kate Beaton to John Allison, and we've compiled a quick list of the most notable names to turn in their own hourly comics. Take a look through, and make a note for next year -- anyone is welcome to participate!

John Allison ("Scary Go Round)
Kate Beaton ("Hark! A Vagrant)
Box Brown ("Bellen")
John Campbell ("Pictures for Sad Children")
Jess Fink ("Chester 5000")
Meredith Gran ("Octopus Pie")
Lucy Knisley ("French Milk")
Liz Prince ("Delayed Replays")
Raina Telgemeier ("Smile")

Did we miss an excellent entry? Let us know.

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