There's plenty of hooplah filtering out of yesterday's Baltimore Retailer Summit, but one announcement teased at this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con was cemented with the announcement of the Wednesday Comics Hardcover Collection.

DC's The Source has all the info, complete with a product description of the upcoming collection:

The hardcover collection of the series, which will retail at $49.99, will clock in at 11 x 17 inches, which will present the series in a deluxe, big-screen format befitting the series, which was originally printed on broadsheet newspaper pages.

Individual strips will be collected by storyline (Superman strips with Superman strips, etc.), giving fans who waited for the collected edition a decidedly more sturdy, if less novel, payoff. If hardcovers aren't in your budget, fear not -- given the success of the series, a softcover is rumored to be in the pipeline as well. Of course, we'll need a confirmed release date for the hardcover release before we can start asking the Great Pumpkin for it...

Don't keep us waiting, DC.

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