"Fear Agent" creator and current "Punisher" writer Rick Remender released the following image yesterday evening, teasing a new comics project entitled "Earth Zero." The question is: What is it?

Is "Earth Zero" a new ongoing series? A new original graphic novel? Who's publishing it? Dark Horse, Marvel, Icon? Why so mysterious Remender?

All we know for sure is that Remender will be writing and Greg Tocchini will be handling illustrative duties - or at least, that's what we can infer based on traditional creative team credit placement on teasers in the past.Given Remender's flair for all things science fiction, it's probably safe to assume some kind of connection to the genre based on Tocchini's presumed artwork, along with the new project's planetary title. Of course, there's also a bikini-clad female tattooed with a giant barcode in the image, meaning there's about a .001% chance this project could contain bizarre pinups. Somebody out there digs barcoded babes - I'm sure of it!

Share your predictions in the comments section.

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