Joe and Anthony Russo are slowly turning into the kings of comic books in Hollywood; not only have they directed two smash-hit Captain America movies, they're slated to direct the next two Avengers films and are attached to produce a film based on Kyle Starks' Sexcastle. Announced today during San Diego Comic Con, the brothers with the Midas touch will next turn their attention back to the small screen --- where they made their names on shows like Community and Arrested Development  --- to adapt Image Comics' Deadly Class.

The ongoing series by Rick Remender and Wes Craig is set at King’s Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts, a high school for assassins where a dagger in your back might be extremely literal. Set during the heyday of the Regan '80s, Deadly Class mixes punk counter-culture of the time with teen drama and high-stakes action in a way that is perfect for television.

In a move that shows a dedication to the source material, Rick Remender himself is set to co-write the pilot alongside Miles Feld. The series will be overseen by Adam Targum as showrunner, who comes fresh off the fan-favorite series Banshee, which recently ended after four seasons.  The series will be produced through the Russos' Getaway Productions, with both brothers serving as executive producers alongside Remender, Feld, Targum, and Getaway president Mike Larroca.

Since leaving Marvel, Remender has been extremely prolific at Image Comics with titles such as Deadly Class, Low, Black Science and Tokyo Ghost. Perhaps this is just the beginning of the Remender TV empire, and we might see a live-action Fear Agent one day.


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