When I saw the Writers Guild of America strike coming and potentially affecting the very few TV shows I enjoy -- two of which happen to air on the very same night and time -- I was more concerned about the future exploits of the tube's own Captain America, Jack Bauer, fighting terrorists and corrupt politicians on 24 than the continuing saga of Heroes.


The one-day, 24-ep story arcs that drove 24 for five seasons to critical and ratings successes "blew up" not very long after the initial shock of a nuclear bomb exploding in southern California. As many fans howled over plot developments that seemingly went "nowhere" (I liked many of them them more than most of you), ratings took a dive and, no doubt, the success of the inaugural season of Heroes scheduled head-on against 24 on Monday nights contributed to some of that slide. Besides, how many times can Captain Jack overcome a rogues gallery of terrorists against "impossible odds" before viewers start wondering if there's more to the story than that?

Last week, EW.com reported the production will be suspended on 24 after ep 8, with the finished chapters embargoed until the strike ends and eps can be aired uninterrupted. We won't have this same problem with Heroes, however, according to a news story appearing on MTV. com. After the end of season 1, producers put out the word there would be two story arcs instead of one, with the current "Generations" story ending -- very conveniently -- after ep 11 airing on Dec. 3.

So, you may be getting a premium cable channel run of Heroes -- think Dexter or Curb Your Enthusiasm -- but it will have a definitive end. Not only is it good for fans, on the business end, NBC/Universal will have at least one TV-to-DVD collection moneymaker on their hands come summertime.

And, just in case you missed it -- as I nearly did -- have a look at the multiple Heroes covers gracing this past week's TV Guide, illustrated by Jim Lee, Phil Jimenez, Michael Turner, and (my fav of the bunch) Tim Sale.

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