Rumors abounded last week about just who is going to be the bad guy in Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man movie, the one that stars Paul Rudd and up until about a month ago, was to be directed by Edgar Wright. (Peyton Reed is the new director.)

We've pulled together the scuttlebutt, which you can read all about after the jump. Be warned: There may be spoilers, if this stuff is true.

Here's what he looked like in Marvel Premiere #48.




Eventually, Cross' cousin, William, was running around as the supervillain Crossfire. A former CIA agent, he had some cybernetic implants of his own and was plotting to make superheroes kill each other using mind control (you know, like you do). He took over the company and used it for his experiments until Hawkeye and Mockingbird stopped him.

He's basically a poor man's Deadshot. Here he is:




Crossfire is really a Hawkeye and Avengers villain; the connection to Scott Lang is just in the Darren Cross story. It'll be interesting to see how that may all play out.

But there's a twist. JoBlo reported that the main villain's costume is "yellow and black in color, and with a tendril-looking apparatus coming off it's back." Badass Digest picked that up and ran with it, saying the villain sounds a lot like Yellowjacket.

It doesn't seem like he'll be Hank Pym, as played by Michael Douglas. Instead, it looks like Marvel may ditch Crossfire's not-Deadshot gimmick and making William Cross into Yellowjacket.



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