Danny Rand picked up the mantle of an iron fist-endowed Daredevil as part of a temporary fill-in gig for a jailed Matt Murdock once upon a time. Even Spider-Man's switched up costumes with the protector of Hell's Kitchen from time to time. These short-term substitutions could be giving way to a full-on replacement coming out of "Shadowland," however, now that Marvel is teasing possible new candidates to act as The Man Without Fear. The first contender to fill the horned helm in some capacity? Current Nova Richard Rider.

Interestingly, the teaser doesn't cast Nova in a Daredevil costume. The image is just Nova apparently flying around DD's neighborhood. As the first in a week-long series of clues, it's pretty obvious that the very cosmic Nova is overkill when it comes to protecting a simple New York neighborhood. Besides, he might be busy hanging out with his friends from the Thanos Imperative in the coming months. Iron Fist also seems out of the equation given his upcoming teamup with the new Power Man. Maybe White Tiger? Maya Lopez? Foggy Nelson? Ben Urich? With any luck, the rest of this week's teasers will be just as outlandish.

See the full image and place your bets after the jump.

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