When it comes to competing for prizes, there are "contests" and there are "CONTEST$!" Dark Horse's latest "I Love Comics" promotion clearly falls into the latter category with an incredibly simple concept: Send them a picture of yourself with a Dark Horse product, and you'll be entered to win a thousand dollars. Yes: A thousand dollars.

That's really it; just take a pic of yourself with anything of Dark Horse origin and send it in. In addition to the $1,000 check, the winner will also have a chance to appear in a featured "I Love Comics" ad campaign featured in actual comic books. Sadly, we at ComicsAlliance are totally not eligible, but as Dark Horse's Aaron Colter reminds us in the video, YOU ARE!

You can read the full official rules here and see DH's promo vid after the jump. If you enter, don't be afraid to leave ComicsAlliance's home page up on a completely visible computer screen in the background like the Megazord above... just sayin'.