ComicsAlliance is no stranger to the intersection between the worlds of superheroes and My Little Pony, but we didn't know how strong the connection was between Wolverine in particular and the pretty, pretty ponies. Behold: "Wolverine" actor Hugh Jackman holding two pink, anime-eyed My Little Pony baby toys.

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This isn't the first time we've seen Wolverine and My Little Pony joining forces. Some prescient, and we can only assume highly intoxicated young man actually tattooed himself with a picture of Wolverine riding a giant My Little Pony. I salute you, sir! (Also: Are those sparkles or intoxication bubbles around Wolverine's head?)

And finally, one of the superhero ponies that got left off our original master list: The Wolverine My Little Pony mod itself. Please enjoy the dun-Dun-DUN zoom on the pony's face.