It's not hugely uncommon for less-than-saintly heroes to hit the wrong side of the underworld, but it is rare for the bodies they leave behind to be repurposed by another soul. Unfortunately for Wolverine, his near-unkillable facade is the kind of physical real estate that his many enemies would kill for. At today's "X-Men" panel at C2E2, Marvel revealed that not only will Wolverine indeed be sent to hell in the all-new "Wolverine" #1 by writer Jason Aaron, but his body will continue to wreak havoc on earth with a mystery villain in the metaphorical driver's seat.

"Jason pitched us this kind of a zing, crazy story in the way that Jason Aaron will do," said Editor Jeanine Schaefer, who added, "Kids, this probably isn't for you." While Aaron's certified for the series, Marvel's keeping artist information a mystery for now. There's a number of candidates that seem likely, but given the book's dark themes, whoever the publisher chooses will have to balance both street-level and underworld action when "Wolverine" #1 arrives in stores this September.

While Wolverine's body goes on a rampage, however, his wayward son Daken may just warm up to the new side of his estranged father. Daniel Way, Majorie Liu and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli will round out the clawed clan's new adventures starting in "Daken: Dark Wolverine" #1 the same month as "Wolverine" #1.

"The key words are intrigue, violence exploitation, sex, more of the same – not really for the kids," said co-writer Marjorie Liu. Check out more images from both series after the jump.

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