Not that we exactly needed someone to confirm the World War I setting of Wonder Woman, given the leaked set photos and the persistent rumors that the film divides its time between WWI-era and modern-day, but just in case you wanted something more official, Chris Pine has confirmed the movie’s time period and — as a bonus — is teasing a possible cameo from iconic Wonder Woman TV star Lynda Carter.

Following this past week’s news that Gladiator star Connie Nielsen has joined the cast as Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, we’re still left with a few questions — namely, if Nielsen is Hippolyta, then who is Robin Wright playing? But Pine has answers for some of our other questions, confirming to The Toronto Sun that Wonder Woman takes place during World War I…well, at least part of it does:

It’s a period we don’t see often; it’s usually World War II. Our costume design is incredible. We have scenes with, like, 500 extras all in period dress. I’d never been on a film with extras casting as beautifully done as it is here.

Warner Bros. has yet to acknowledge the continuing rumors that a portion of the film will find Diana in present day, while it’s also been reported that Pine is actually playing two roles: Steve Trevor and his grandfather.

The actor went on to describe his character, who has been Diana’s longtime love interest in the comics:

Steve Trevor is a rogue-ish, cynical realist who’s seen the awful brutish nature of modern civilization. He’s a worldly guy, a charming guy and it’s going to be a great, fun film. There are some incredibly deep, interesting and morally relevant themes.

And he had nothing but praise for director Patty Jenkins, who famously came on to replace Michelle MacLaren:

Patty [Jenkins] is just directing the daylights out of it. It’s shot beautifully, feels so wonderfully period, but also has this wonderful pop sensibility.

Pine also spoke highly of Gal Gadot, set to make her debut as the iconic superhero this spring in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor talked to E! about his co-star, and about the message of her solo film:

Gal Gadot…is beautiful, so talented, strong and the story is really one I think that needs to be out there. The simple fact of the matter is it’s about a woman who’s so strong with such physical ability that she could kick such ass but really at the end of the day leads with an incredible amount of compassion and love and hope for humanity and I think we need a lot of that right now.

And finally, when asked if we might see original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter pop up in the solo film, Pine played just coy enough to make us believe it could very well happen:

If I could tell you that I wouldn’t, but I can’t.

Excellent choice of words!

Gadot will make her debut in Batman v Superman on March 25. Her solo film also stars David Thewlis and Danny Huston, and hits theaters on June 23, 2017.