Chris Pine has been confirmed in the role of Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie, but the set photo that appeared over the weekend featured Pine in period attire, leading to a few raised eyebrows. Rumors have consistently suggested that at least some of Wonder Woman takes place during World War I, but surely Pine isn’t appearing in only part of the film, right? A new rumor may provide an answer.

Heroic Hollywood claims that Pine isn’t just playing one role in the Wonder Woman movie — he’s actually playing two. The actor is definitely playing Diana’s love interest Steve Trevor, who will first encounter the Amazonian superhero in present day. So what’s with the WWI-era outfit in the set photo? The report suggests that Pine is also playing Steve Trevor’s grandfather, a soldier whose plane crashes on Paradise Island, where he meets Diana / Wonder Woman, helps her defeat Ares, and introduces her to our world.

When the film moves to present day, Steve will meet Wonder Woman and aid her in defeating Ares once again. This makes at least some sense — there’s no way Steve Trevor becomes immortal and joins Diana on her decade-spanning adventures, and it’s also unlikely that WB cast Pine in a lead role that would confine him to just one portion of the film.

It was previously rumored that Sean Bean was being eyed for the role of the villainous Ares, with Eva Green also wanted for the antagonist role of Circe.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 23, 2017.