WonderCon attendees got a heaping helping of Green Lantern movie footage yesterday during the film's official panel. If you weren't able to get into the event, you likely squirmed as attending friends reacted to the preview across your favorite social networks with comments like, "This is way better than the first trailer." An abridged (but still beefy at four minutes long) reel of the fabled footage up to view, and by golly, our nerdy brethren were right. It's space leaps and cosmic bounds beyond what we've seen up until this point. Check it out after the cut.Taking on a far more serious tone than its preceding trailer, the new WonderCon footage acts as a more Green Lantern Corps-centric origin story for the hero. Instead of portraying Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) mostly as a goofball, he's cast a potentially noble human caught in a clear intergalactic struggle. Abin Sur, Sinestro, Tomar-Re and other GLs get a lot of camera time and seem comfortable in their CGI skin, which is key given the footage is available at 1080. Even Hector Hammond's massive dome looks less goofy! All around, the new footage a nice change of pace that definitely caters to the higher standards of the comics crowd.

Check out the new footage below to see what you make of it:

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