Believe it or not, I am the proud owner of multiple concept albums where rappers take on G.I. Joe-related personas and rap about how awesome Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness are. Seriously, I think if I get two or three more of these things, it will officially qualify as a subgenre. Cobracore, or maybe Wrist-Missle-Hop.

The latest? A brand new album from Wordburglar, rapping in character as Rap Viper (described as the Commander's chief operative in "indoctrinating the youth with Cobra propaganda") titled Welcome To Cobra Island. What's more, Wordburglar released a pretty awesome fan-film video with the album's lead track, featuring HISS Tanks, Rattlers and even Cobra Commander himself scratching on the ones and twos. Check it out below!



According to the Rap Viper himself, Welcome To Cobra Island is inspired by the classic Larry Hama-scripted run of G.I. Joe, which is pretty evident when you consider that tracks 2 and 5 are inspired by his final issue, "Letter From Snake-Eyes." One hopes that a forthcoming bonus track about that story where he goes into the Arashikage Mindset and "goes forth as a killing wraith" for three issues will be included on a future special edition of the album.

The full album is available at a pay-what-you-want model at Wordburglar's bandcamp, with a special edition CD for $13 Canadian -- an exchange of international currency that smacks of being one of the Commander's plots.


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