After introducing comic culture to sexual satire involving vegetables with Our Love is Real and dropping teenagers into ancient Aztec cultures with Sacrifice, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that writer Sam Humphries is expanding his horizons even further for his new project. With new BOOM! Studios monthly Higher Earth, however, he's thinking too big for just one planet. ComicsAlliance has more about the new science-fiction series, including an exclusive look at covers from the first issue by Joe Benitez, Phil Noto, Ben Olivier, and David Aja, as well as a lovely promo piece by Frazer Irving.Described by BOOM! as "a fast-paced epic of infinite possibilities," Higher Earth centers around two characters - gutter rat Heidi and rogue soldier Rex - who live inside different timelines within an empire of parallel Earths ruled over by the eponymous home world, which Humphries described to Comic Book Resources as "an obscenely wealthy civilization built on the backs of a hundred other Earths." What brings both characters together on a journey across the multiple Earths enslaved by their Higher counterpart - and whether the two can get the revenge that they seek on those responsible - forms the spine of the ongoing series.

The series is the second BOOM! Studios project for Humphries, following the recently-announced ongoing horror comedy mash-up series Fanboys Vs. Zombies. BOOM! founder Ross Richie explained the relationship between writer and publisher to ComicsAlliance, saying, "Sam leads. We follow. When I read Our Love Is Real, it was clear that Sam was a talent to watch, moreover, a talent to go 'all in on' and get excited about."

Higher Earth launches in May, with an interior artist yet to be announced. If you're wondering what to look for on the stands when it debuts, here's a look at the covers to the first issue by Joe Benitez, Phil Noto, Ben Olivier and David Aja, a Frazer Irving promo, as well as the teaser ad variant.

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