It's hardly uncommon to stumble upon marvelous creations inspired by Batman's legacy, especially when it comes to the Batmobile. But the Batmobile that you're about to see is significantly sadder and schlockier than the customized go-karts and batpods you're already used to.

Described by Jalopnik as the "world's worst Batmobile," this vehicle is a wrecked 1994 Pontiac Grand Am purchased for $100 last summer at Dave's Towing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by the simply named Gabe. It was later converted into the Batmobile you see before you, as the site reports: "The vehicle was running but sported a crushed roof, damaged front end and otherwise crunch-and-munched body. Like any reasonable person, Gabe's first thought was to 'go all in' and convert the cursed car into a Batmobile.The story doesn't end with a simple Batmobile conversion. Apparently, some robbers attempted to steal the car, but true to Bruce Wayne's sophisticated security measures, the steering wheel broke off mid-car theft. Worst Batmobile ever? Pshaw.

Source: Gamma Squad

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