Like many of us, my parents knew better than to fund what might have been a 24 hour binge completing the classic 1992 X-Men arcade game at our local Pizza Hut. Despite my sensible upbringing, however, that didn't stop me from teaming with a few buds to actually (for the first time in my life) complete the blasted beat 'em up at a barcade last summer. What can I say? I had more quarters than sense! Thanks to the fine folks at Konami, iOS and Android device users never have to make that kind of change again. The X-Men arcade game is now $2.99 with all the online co-op trimmings -- that's probably about 30 quarters less than you'd spend hunching over a yellowing vintage arcade cabinet playing solo. Are you shouting like Colossus with joy, or what?

The arcade game's been available on gaming consoles for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade since the end of 2010, but the mobile version should be handy for those who game on the move. Android and iOS features include drop-in multiplayer via Wi-Fi for up to four mutants (all six of the original characters: Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and Dazzler), plus custom button placement on your device of choice's touch screen. Lefty's rejoice!

Social gamers also have the modern day advantage of using Open Feint, Game Center and/or Facebook Connect to show off their game scores. But be careful not to brag too much, or all the other kids at Pizza Hut will totally unfollow you.

What's more? hints that the friggin' Konami code may have implications on the mobile game. I know how I'm spending my working hours lunch break today... figuring out what buttons are "b" and "a" on this thing.

See the trailer and screens from the X-Men arcade game on the iOS and Android devices below:

[Via Marvel]

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