In the early '90s, back when arcades had only just begun losing ground to consoles, an unwritten nerd right of passage was dropping at least 20 bucks to complete the "X-Men" arcade game with your friends. Since then, finding a functioning machine (which have mostly been relegated to trendy barcades and 24 hour laundromats) and ultimately defeating Magneto has become a rare treat, but it looks like Marvel and Konami are hooking fans up with the classic once again.According to, "X-Men Arcade" will make its way to the PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade for download this fall (in other words, delightfully soon). Offering the exact same experience that wowed gamers when the machine first hit arcades back in 1992, the home version of the game will allow 1-4 players to take on the role of either Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Dazzler or easily-the-best-playable-character Nightcrawler and rescue Professor X and Kitty Pryde from a host of classic villains, including Pyro, Blob, Juggernaut and the White Queen (back when she was evil). For years now, the game has pretty much defined the term "side-scrolling button-masher" and comes in a close second only to "Marvel vs. Capcom" as the comic-based arcade game most associated with simulated nerdgasms.

Unfortunately, no official release date or prices were given in the source, but we can only assume most everyone who's reading this is already in the process of checking out their respective console's online store for more info (we are and will update once we know more).

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