With just a little less more than a month before the release of Activision and Silicon Knights' X-Men: Destiny, potential players are finally getting a clearly labeled look at the different power sets they'll have access to come September 27. The three power sets -- energy projection, density control and shadow matter -- seem to manifest similarly between the game's three playable characters, with Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander and Adrian Luca.

Though each character comes from a different background, it's still unclear how much their choice of powers will affect their journey through a "decision point" driven narrative. At any rate, it's a little disappointing not to get a glimpse at the game's "X-Gene" powers adopted from established heroes and villains from X-lore. Nice as these new powers might be, a few more ties to the core X-Men universe would be exciting to see.

Check out the new X-Men: Destiny video from Gamescon below.

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