E3's provided us with a look at plenty of comic book videogames this week, but considering all the buzz around X-Men: First Class, it's a little surprising it took until yesterday to see fresh game footage of Marvel's merry mutants. The newest trailer for Activision and Silicon Knights' upcoming X-Men: Destiny gives players their first full look at all three playable characters. Most importantly, the third and final playable character has been revealed -- and his sick tribal tats are gone! Huzzah!Along with playable characters Aimi Yoshida and Grant Alexander, players will be able to tap the talents of an as-yet unnamed mutant who could be sporting the third matter manipulation ability players haven't seen yet. At any rate, the new guy punches and kicks ninja-looking dudes super hard.

Additionally, Marvel.com's latest screen shot of Aimi reveals that players will have the option to upgrade not only their characters' X-Gene metered powers, but also their costumes. Aimi's X-Men uniform suggests all three characters could undergo some serious cosmetic changes as they choose a path of good or evil during the game's various decision moments as written by comics scribe Mike Carey. We'll find out for sure when the game drops later this year.

Check out the new X-Men: Destiny trailer below:

[Via Gamespot]

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