If you're not a super mega-nerd, you may not be aware that E3 is going on right now, but I can assure you that the rest of us are riveted by the news about this year's upcoming video games. There are a lot of announcements coming out, from new consoles to new Pokémon, but for us, some of the most interesting stuff has to do with the upcoming Batman games, Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman City Origins: Blackgate.

We've already seen some gameplay, and as revealed at E3, Origins is set to include all the bone-crushing action you liked in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but this time you'll be doing it to Black Mask and Anarky. And you might just be doing it while dressed up as Adam West.In the image above (click 'em for a larger version), you can see Batman duking it out with Black Mask. Below, teenage anti-hero Anarky (oh, the '90s) gets up to some youthful shenanigans:

It seems Batman will also be facing one of his greatest foes, Mr. Exploding Helicopter:

I don't know who this guy is, but I think it might be Killbane from Saints Row The Third. If that is the case, I will go ahead and declare this the second-best game of all time, right after Saints Row The Third:

The bad guys aren't the only news, though: At JoyStiq, it's been revealed that the PS3 version will come with exclusive challenge maps based on the Knightfall storyline, as well as a "Classic TV" Batman skin. It seems unlikely that Adam West will voice his famous version of the Caped Crusader right now, unfortunately.

In addition to Origins, we're also getting screens from Blackgate, a tie-in set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It's been described as the Arkham series being translated to a "MeteroidVania" type game, and considering my love of whipping Draculas this is basically all I want in this crazy world of ours.

Here we see Batman attacking an unaware thug with his signature four red diamonds:

Here he is apparently having tons of fun on a zipline. C'mon, Batman, give those other guys a chance to play!

Batman also enjoys a fun game of hide and seek and try not to get shot with automatic weapons:

Perhaps most shocking of all -- Blackgate will apparently feature an appearance by popular Marvel character Red Batman (in what looks like a new version of "Detective Mode"):

You can also get a look at a few very quick seconds Blackgate gameplay in a Nintendo third party game video from E3 from about the 0:22-0:28 second mark.

Pretty exciting stuff!

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