Movies: The latest batch of Avengers movie concept art gives fans a closer look at SHIELD's vehicles and various tech. [io9]

Contests: Archie Comics is hosting a special Mega Man fan art contest in honor of the blue bomber's 25th anniversary. [Capcom]

TV: AMC's latest The Walking Dead poster teases "An eye for an eye" when the TV series returns on February 10. [AMC]

Gaming: HeroClix Online will preview new digital Spider-Man pieces, including Spidey, Lizard, Blade and Zuvembie before their physical launch this month. [HCO]

Customization: Gameista deconstructs Nintendo's "Non-Specific Action Figure" seen during E3 last summer, and shows fans how to make one of their own. [Kotaku]

Video: The "Over 9,000" Dragon Ball Z meme in live action? I don't care if it's been around for a year or so, I'll watch it again. [FreddieW]

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