X-Men Regenesis represents for Marvel Comics a considered and comprehensive effort to retool its expansive line of mutant-based titles for a new era and new readers. Predicated upon a schism between Wolverine and Cyclops, the line includes an all-new Wolverine and the X-Men #1 as well as a relaunched Uncanny X-Men, not to mention sister titles Generation Hope, New Mutants, Uncanny X-Force and more. Along with the refocused comics are a new collection of unified and decidedly modern logos designed by Jared K. Fletcher. The letterer/designer shared some insights into the auspicious gig at Marvel.com, including early sketches that you can check out below.Speaking with Marvel.com's Ben Morse, Fletcher said he studied every product he could find, even video games and toys, that had some kind of X-Men logo on it before deciding on his approach.

"So much of comics design is just rehashing old ideas. I wanted to put a fresh stamp on it. I really wanted this to be an exercise in what had not been done before. No one had a lowercase for the word 'Men.' I didn't want any of the extreme perspective. I wanted something slick and modern."

Above all, the mission was to unify even the seemingly disparate X-Men/mutant titles into a recognizable brand.

"That was really the only stipulation I was given when I was tapped for the job," he says. "We had to have a unified feel to bring all these books together. So once we had the 'X-Men' part down, the rest would fall into place somewhat. There were stragglers like GENERATION HOPE and NEW MUTANTS that would require more work and their own logos, but they still had to fit into this look I was building."

As made plain by the final logos seen in the X-Men promos below, Fletcher succeeded in creating a continuity of design for Regenesis. You can read much more from Jared Fletcher about his X-Men logo work at Marvel.com.