I've said it before, but I honestly don't remember a time when the core Superman books were all as good as they are right now. The long-running story of Superman losing his powers and running around punching out crime in jeans and a t-shirt has been a fantastic breath of fresh air for the character, and it's resulting in some pretty amazing stories.

And now, as if the pro wrestling storyline wasn't enough, Gene Luen Yang (recently named the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature) and Howard Porter are taking Superman to the presidential debates in Superman #48. Check out a preview below!



So here's where it gets great, at least where obsessive continuity nerds like me are concerned: Not only is Kingslayer a character drawn from an issue of Super Friends --- 1978's Super Friends #11 by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon, if you're keeping score at home --- but the blowhard going off on a rant in the first panel of page one is an old character, too: J. Wilbur Wolfingham, who first appears in Superman #26 (1944) with this pretty charming description: "For when that king of old-time confidence men tries to turn a dishonest penny, everyone seems to come out ahead of the game but himself!"

Gene Yang and Howard Porter, you are a pair of genuine delights.

Here's the official solicitation:


Art and cover by HOWARD PORTER
Adult Coloring Book Variant cover by ANDY SMITH
“The Savage Dawn” continues! Time is running out, and Superman must make a fateful choice! Can he risk exposing himself to the one thing that could save him: Kryptonite?


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