When the zombie apocalypse strikes, you'll need to cross a few necessities off your list. Before you bug out of town, you'll need to load up on food, gas, booze, medical supplies and, of course, guns. Map of the Dead is the Google Maps of post-apocalyptic survival, identifying where to find the goods that will keep you alive in a world filled with walkers. But which zombie-filled city is the best place to stock up? We compare the Maps of the Dead below the cut.Up top, that's Cynthiana, Kentucky, where Rick Grimes wakes up in the first issue of The Walking Dead. The hospital is one of those three medical centers in the east (the one at the top). Incidentally, one of those police shields really is the local sheriff station, so Rick could have grabbed his guns from there.

Atlanta, where Rick and hundreds of other (most short-lived) survivors headed, really looks like an attractive option. You've got all those military bases, after all. Yep, I would definitely be one of those suckers who got eaten. Possibly inside a tank.

Going back a bit further in zombie history, we've got St. Evans, Pennsylvania, the filming location for George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Let's hope that if you get caught there at the start of the zombie apocalypse, it's on a farm, or better yet, comfortably nestled inside a well stocked bomb shelter.

Barcelona is home to the zombie movie [REC] and the hilly Cementiri de Montjuïc, a potentially deadly combination. Don't be fooled by that gun symbol; that's a quirk of the map system. It actually represents TommyGun Stores, a fashion retail outlet. As stylish as they might be, high-end sneakers will be of little use against the zombie horde.

And bringing us around to the land of 28 Days Later, London is rich with outdoor stores, so you can stock up on tents, foul weather gear and energy bars. It's a bit low on the weaponry (once again, that gun doesn't represent an actual gun store). Do English police stations contain guns? I suppose that, in a pinch, a billy club will do nicely against a soft zombie skull.

So it seems that being at the center of a zombie outbreak doesn't necessarily mean you're the best city for survival. What happens if we pick a random city in, say, Texas? Here's what you'll find in San Antonio.

See, that's what I'm talking about. Tanks and pharmacies as far as the eye can see. That's why the zombie apocalypse hasn't happened. Even the undead know better than to mess with Texas.

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