Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand company-wide crossovers, and deviantART user Ijul aka Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri's Iron Man symbiote concept falls into this category. The Indonesia-based painter's portfolio contains multiple optic-nerve-stimulating works that comics lovers and gamers alike should enjoy. We're talking Hellboy as a senior citizen, Mega Man X's pal Zero in full-on samurai gear and some Angry Birds who look like they're ready to tear up your neighborhood.Symbiote Iron Man is a singular achievement, though. The way Basri posed Tony Stark, standing over Captain America's shield, Wolverine's claws and Thor's cracked hammer tells an entire story by itself. Then there's the horrifying Eye of Sauron-looking thing in the middle of his chest, which is absolutely terrifying.

And one warning: Do be careful how far you delve into Basri's work if you have a fear of tentacles. There is alternate version of Doctor Octopus in there that is armed with organic appendages. You may find yourself unable to un-see it.

[Via Geek-Art]

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