It's the tenth day of Christmas at ComicsAlliance, as our 12 Days of Christmas original art series continues. Every day until the 25th, we'll be posting a new illustration from a Periscope Studio comics creator that reinterprets the days of the Christmas carol through newer, more awesomely nerdy eyes.

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By which we mean Ten Lord Vaders a Leaping. We have Benjamin Dewey to thank for this piece of alternate reality Star Wars, where the Dark Lord of the Sith is made legion and sent bounding across the arctic wasteland of Hoth with all the careless joy of a child on a trampoline. I mean, think about it: If you're going to go to all the trouble of cloning some guy a couple million times to create an ultimate army for the Empire, wouldn't make a lot more sense to fill up your battalions with Darth Vaders instead of Jango Fetts? Much respect to Boba Fett's weird clone dad, but c'mon.

Benjamin also recently did the art for a Dark Horse Presents comic called "Blighter" with writer Jeff Parker (Day 5!), as well as the upcoming January issue of "Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man," and he currently draws the webcomic "Tales from the White Pony."

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On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Ten Lord Vaders a Leaping:

Nine Ladies Dancing

Eight Heroines a Milking

Seven Bella Swans a swimming

Six Geese a Laying

Five Power Riiiiiiings

Four Calling Birds

Three French Hens

Two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtledoves

And a "partridge" in a pear tree.

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