The title for Rocksteady's ridiculously anticipated follow-up to "Batman: Arkham Asylum" has been revealed, and it's "Batman: Arkham City!" Or "Batman: Rise of Arkham"...or "Batman: Ashes of Gotham" -- or quite possibly one of the other 15 domain names recently purchased by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The anonymous source behind the gaming blog superannuation did a bit of Dark Knight-style detective work of their own and uncovered 15 different, "Arkham Asylum"-centric domains, all created on July 7, and all tracking back to Warner Bros. servers (FUTURE!). Looking over the list, it appears as though some of the titles are geared more towards viral/marketing based websites (unless for some weird reason the title of the next game will be "Stop Mayor Sharp," which would just wind up confusing most folks), but others not only sound like game titles, but really freakin' cool ones at that. Check out the full list after the jump.Via superannuation (that's right, you get a double-link for this one, ya champion you!) , the names purchased include:

Some solid names on there, and plenty that will leave those of us who loved "Arkham Asylum" wondering what direction the game will take this time around (please be open world please be open world please be open world...). Likewise, looking through the list it looks like we'll be seeing the return of Quincy Sharp, the warden from the first foray who's apparently the mayor of Gotham now.

Expect a response from WB Interactive with the words "can neither confirm or deny" in 3...2...1...