With Batman donning a new suit that stores and releases kinetic energy in the Wii U ported Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, it only seems fair that his playable co-star Catwoman might also stand to upgrade her tech, right? With Catwoman's flashy new blue lightning-y claws matching Batman's similarly glowing gauntlets, it appears so. Of course, that's not the only change to Selina Kyle's signature catsuit. Compared to her original costume, her new armor leaves a lot more to the imagination, which will suit a lot of fans just fine considering she's meant to be resistant to heavy gunfire, sharp blades and the like.Gaming sites like Kotaku are speculating that Catwoman's more modest attire may have been created to fall in line with Nintendo's generally more family-friendly approach to marketing -- and that could very well have been a factor in this redesign -- but in an era when the character's sexy side can sometimes get supersized beyond reason, the new look is actually refreshing since it fits the game's narrative demands. With any luck, Rocksteady's done something about the old version of the game's proliferation of overzealous thugs b*tching about Catwoman in the title, too.

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