With a creator as widely read, celebrated, and analyzed as Alan Moore, it's pretty easy to think that you could go out and get everything he's ever written. I mean, you can find the big stuff like Watchmen or V For Vendetta just wandering around airports, and even older, more obscure titles like Halo Jones or DR And Quinch aren't that hard to track down. Heck, you can even get CDs of that dude singing his poetry if that's what you're into, and I know that because I've bought them.

But there's one title that has managed to elude all but the most die-hard completists for the past three decades: Monster, a horror comic by Moore and artist Heinzl that ran in the British comic Scream in the mid '80s. But now, 2000 AD is collecting the entire series in a 190-page paperback, set for release in July.


Monster, 2000 AD


The news of the new collection was reported by the Guardian, which described the plot of the story in the following seemingly contradictory ways:

  • "Written in the 1980s, the tale of a man who grew up locked in an attic before going on a murder rampage."
  • "It borrows from the gothic horror of Frankenstein and the banned EC horror comics of the 50s, telling of a 'gentle monster on the run,' who grows up locked in an attic, but escapes and turns to a life of murder."

So fans of murder, attics, and what I assume is a strange definition of "gentle," be advised.

The collection will also feature the strips that finish the story, written by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner.


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