It's always a big deal when a comic hits a round number, but when that number is in the thousands --- and when it's also a number that's been a part of the comic's title since its debut in 1977 --- it feels a whole lot bigger.

On September 28, 2000 AD is finally hitting its 2000th weekly issue, and it's celebrating with an all-star cast of creators to give readers a concentrated dose of thrillpower.

The issue features the return of four classic 2000 AD strips, including Nemesis the Warlock by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill, and Rogue Trooper by Gordon Rennie and Richard Elson, along with a new story called Counterfeit Girl by Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo, plus additional contributions from luminaries like Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon.

The lead, story though, is of course a tale of the future's most brutal lawman, Judge Dredd, by his creators, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Check out a preview below, along with a page from Dave Gibbons starring Tharg, The Mighty One himself!




Here's the official solicitation text from 2000 AD:

2000 AD PROG 2000

UK & DIGITAL: 28 September 2016 £3.99
NORTH AMERICA: 28 October 2016 $7.99

  • A special one-off Judge Dredd story from creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

  • Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill reunite for a special Nemesis the Warlock story

  • Psi-Judge Anderson has another psychic case from Alan Grant and David Roach

  • Sinister Dexter hit the road, courtesy of Dan Abnett and Mark Sexton

  • A mysterious prisoner has a tale to tell in Rogue Trooper: Ghosts of Nu Earth by Gordon Rennie and Richard Elson

  • Brand-new identity-theft thriller Counterfeit Girl by Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo debuts.

  • Plus, interlude pages from Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon, Dave Gibbons, Robin Smith, and more.