Hasbro's Iron Man 2 line boasted nearly every armored hero and villain to appear in the film, but as the line winds down to make way for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger toys on the shelves, it seems to be focusing on concept armors and redecos according to images at Undercovergeeks.It's unknown when these figures will ship, but the 2011 is expected to include the following:

- War Machine Mark II

- Quick Change Iron Man (Mark IV to Mark VI)

- Hypervelocity Armor Iron Man (Redeco)

- Shield Breaker Armor Iron Man

- Inferno Armor Iron Man

- Iron Man Mark V (New Version)

- Hammer Drone (Concept)

- Deep Dive Armor Iron Man

- Light Up War Machine

- Space Armor Iron Man

- Subterranean Armor Iron Man

While the concept armors that didn't appear in the film are probably best left to hardcore collectors, the new version of Iron Man's Mark V armor should appeal to fans who weren't crazy about the initial rocket-launcher suitcase version. Additionally, Quick Change Iron Man should serve as a nice bridge between the first two Iron Man films for collectors seeking the first film's hero in a new 3.75" scale.

Click below to see the full-sized image:

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