In an age where many adults use their phones as flashlights, not every Marvel Comics fan may need a nightlight to make their way from their bedroom to their bathroom/kitchen/dojo during the ungodly hours they find themselves shook from slumber by the sum of their deepest regrets and darkest secrets manifest in crippling night terrors, but hey - they can't hurt! 3D Light FX even has stylish wall art options modeled after Iron Man's head, Captain America's mighty shield, Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Hulk's fist and Spider-Man's dome. They even come with crackly decals to make it seem as if they're crashing into -- or erupting through -- your wall.

Available now at stores like Target, each of the plastic LED-equipped hangings retails for about $30, measure about 9.5" x 6.5" x 5" and require 3 AA alkaline batteries to glow... which aren't included. LED's don't burn hot or require much electricity, though, so fans who take the plunge probably won't have to build an arc reactor to keep their walls softly lit.


If this first batch of Marvel night lights isn't enough, the line will soon be joined by an Iron Man hand preparing to make with some repulsor blast-age and a Spider-Man hand thwiping some webbing. There's no proper release date or pricing info for these light-up hands just yet, but given their size and scale, it's probably safe to assume they'll run for a comparable price when they make it to market.