When I was talking about the upcoming "Thor" game last week, I got around the lack of screenshots by whipping up my idealized 8-bit game for the God of Thunder. And that got me thinking: What if they had converted my other favorite comics into 8-bit NES games -- or, in the case of Batman and the X-Men, what if the games they were in were actually good? So today, I'm playing with power as I imagine what a few great comics might look like if they had their roots in the 8-Bit Games of the NES era!

Ghost Rider x Excitebike

Batman: Knightfall x Super Mario

Cerebus x Legend of Zelda

Lex Luthor's Punch-Out!! (Featuring Superman)

Thor x Mega Man

Watchmen x Super Mario 3

Archie & Jughead's Burger Time

Uncanny X-Men x Final Fantasy

Hellboy x Castlevania

The Punisher x River City Ransom

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